Color Grading | Color Correction


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Color Grading | Color Correction

Service Description

Professional color grading of any film. Day rate.

We can work with any project cut in Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, or Avid. Or, you if just have the final exported film, We can work with that too.

* Commercials
* Short Fiction
* Music Videos
* Trailers
* Documentaries
* Corporate Video

We can work with footage from any camera, including (but not limited to!):

* Blackmagic
* Canon
* Any dSLR


Additional Day  $400

Briefing Details

We’ll need:

Project file for FCP7, FCPX, PrPro, or Avid
+ All footage used in project
+ (preferable) Offline File


Project in XML/EDL/AAF
+ All footage used in project
+ (preferable) Offline File


Film exported in high quality format (preferably mezzanine codec such as ProRes or DNxHD)


Whatever you have! We can work with it.

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