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Explainer Video

Explainer video company in Bangalore

Service Description

An explainer video is a video that explains and promotes a company, product, or service to audiences in an entertaining way. There is a different style and a different story for every company.

We will create a custom explainer video (within 60 seconds) that is appropriate for your brand.

This is an all-inclusive that includes 2 mood board idea, 1 storyboard, royalty free sound effects, and music.
We will provide a couple of music tracks with your video, or you can also provide your own music.
Script writing, storyboard and VO service available as extra.

The final deliverable will be a HD (1920 x 1080) video.

Thanks for your interest, and we are happy to be your explainer video animation service provider.


Professional Script Writing Services

Professional Story Boarding Services

Professional Voice over Services

Briefing Details

Please provide the following:
Your logo in any image format (Vector preferred)
Your brand information or background or guidelines
Any specific instructions you like or not like
References or ideas (video, images, links) if you have any
A script or you can order as extra service

A storyboard or you can order as extra service
A voice over or you can order VO as extra service

The script should be around 150 – 170 words.

Explainer Videos

Do you want to explain a concept or educate your customers on what your organisation does? Do you have a brand or business that requires a bit of marketing magic and exposure? Get attractive explainer videos produced from one of the leading explainer video companies in Bangalore.

Our explainer videos are not just products for marketing, they are so much more. They help to take your product idea to the target audience. They help you explain your business in the most efficient way. They help your brand find its place in the market.

Our talented team of storytellers and animators work seamlessly to create customized explainer videos to satisfy all your needs. We take care of everything from scripting, storyboarding and postproduction. The result?


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