Visual Effects


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Visual Effects and VFX Studios Companies in Bangalore India

We are one of the top VFX studios in Bangalore. Our talented VFX artists produce high-quality and unique 2D VFX and 3D VFX animations for all your media needs. Visual effects integrate live-action footage and generated imagery to create a realistic looking environment, that is impractical to capture on film.

Visual Effects

Our expertise covers all aspects of visual effects including adding special effects and creating computer-generated imagery (CGI) using easy-to-use animation and compositing software.

We provide various other services under the umbrella of VFX:

  • Matte painting and stills: We create digital or traditional paintings or photographs that can be used as background for 3D characters, particle effects, or digital sets.

  • Compositing: We combining visual elements from various sources to create an illusion that makes it seem like a single scene.

  • Motion capture: We record the movements of objects or people different scanners placed all around.

  • Modelling: We create 3D models of props or characters using highly specialised software.

Our expert work on so many areas makes one of the very few Visual Effects companies in Bangalore giving a holistic service in the area of VFX.


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