2D Animation

2D Animation Companies in Bangalore

3DTrix is one of the most reputed 2D Animation Companies in Bangalore. We are committed to providing end-to-end creative 2D animation services in entire India.


Our ground-breaking technology, workflow efficiencies, high-level creativity, and cost optimization define our high-end features. Our professional artists and dedicated team work tirelessly to give you the best service possible.


We work on all aspects of the project, including concept development, storyboarding, colour styling, and much more. Our animators and graphic designers are extremely competent and can effectively convey any notion via the use of high-quality animation.


3DTRIX assures that you have an exceptional 2D presentation experience that is more effective and impressive than any other 2d animation studios in Bangalore. We place a strong emphasis on adding appealing and original 2D animation that effectively meets all essential requirements.


By working in sequence and employing smart techniques and software, we produce vibrant, pleasing, and productive 2D animations. We undertake top-to-bottom responsibilities of the 2D audio-visual contents, starting from concept designing, visual development, and storyboard creation, layout designing, animatics, key-frame creation, cleaning up and colouring, character engineering, and animation, compositing and editing, voice-over and sound effects, and so on.

Animation Services By 3DTRIX 

As one of the most reputed 2D animation companies in Bangalore, we believe in offering high-quality 2D animation services with utmost perfection and precision. 3D Trix has been working in the industry for decades and is a well-versed player in the fraternity.


We understand the different aspects and parameters of 2D animation and strive our best to thrive on our clients in an excellent manner one can ever deliver. Here are a few of our popular 2D Animation services :

2D Cartoon Film Animation

With an accurate blend of imagination and 2D animation, we have extensive experience developing unique cartoon characters and backdrops for a variety of educational and entertaining reasons.


In general, we use slow-motion and slow-out, secondary action, various natural arcs, appealing cartoon characters, exaggeration, gorgeous drawings, and other techniques to achieve the best possible filmmaking results. We make extraordinarily distinctive cartoon films using cutting-edge technology and smarter digital solutions.

2D Character Animation

Our 2D animators are masters at designing engaging 2D characters. To add loop animation, we use frames and key-frames, as well as motion tween and shape tween.


This makes the actions of the characters appear realistic and allows the vectors to be animated easily.


We research and study the characters deeply and produce the simple and functional characters that satisfy the concept demand with the right utilization of props and scenes, pose keys, body and face modes, motion curves, etc.


2D Animation for Film Titles

The presentation of animated films with titles allows audiences to readily engage with the content. We may attempt to set the tone and engage the audience in our 2D Animation films (designed, edited, executed, and produced by our organisation) in order to properly communicate the message.


The titles are the face of the story, and displaying them in the renowned animated title sequence on television adds charm and authenticity to the fantasy world.

2D Animation for Commercials

With our cutting-edge 2D animation services, you can spark the interest of your target customers. We take effective actions in promoting commercial brand advertisements and flawlessly delivering animated commercials.


As a result of our clever, effective work approach, our clients may establish solid credibility and stability in a world of limitless creative possibilities. Our commercial cartoons are well-defined and improve the company’s sales and goodwill.


With fully equipped and highly technologically competent artists, 3DTRIX provides you with the most creative animation and multimedia solutions. We work quickly to meet the needs of our customers.


Our ability to turn fiction into reality and craft it in a realistic manner. The key cornerstones of our enterprise are our unrivalled collaboration, integrity, hunger for creative perfection, and uncompromising quality, which today has made us one of the best 2d animation studios in Bangalore.