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Explainer Video Company in India – 3DTrix

3DTRIX is a well-known brand in the business, and we strive to develop highly interactive and audience-focused explainer videos at all times. We are a leading explainer video company in India, specializing in producing engaging animated videos.


Our skilled team of storytellers and animators collaborate to create personalized explainer videos that meet all of your requirements. From scripting to storyboarding through post-production, we handle it all.


Our explainer videos are more than simply marketing tools; they’re so much more. They assist you in bringing your product idea to the target market and assist you in effectively explaining your business. They aid in the positioning of your brand in the marketplace.

3DTRIX – Client-Friendly Explainer Video Company in Bangalore, Mumbai

We make every effort to convey the notion to the audience clearly and concisely. Our animated videos are both educational and entertaining. We believe in boosting the business’s credibility and goodwill by providing value to the content. Furthermore, we focus on customer satisfaction and conversions.


Our skilled team works on each piece with fervor and excitement to bring good values to the attention of end-users. Our team meets with the customer, learns about their needs, and then creates a detailed plan. Research, layout design, and extra aspects that make the film more engaging are all part of our explainer video strategy.


Finally, we present your explainer videos, which are chock-full of innovative ideas. As one of the best explainer video companies, we understand our responsibilities and know how to emotionally connect with viewers and build a lasting bond. As a result, our explainer video company in Bangalore and Mumbai has a strong VFX presence.

Our Explainer Video Services 

As a leading explainer video company in Mumbai, Bangalore we devote ourselves entirely to creating original explainer videos with a high level of appeal and little fuzziness. We have a presence in all of India’s main cities.


We work quickly to deliver industry-leading, custom-made, handcrafted content, and we handle everything from screenplay writing to storyboarding, asset development, voice-overs, animation, sync sound effects, background music, and more.


Our main goal is to provide our customers with excellent service. As a result, our explainer video company in India team follows a simplified procedure that includes thorough research, screenplay voice-over, character design, presentation storyboard, graphics, and animation.


We also do our best to deliver our workpieces ahead or on schedule, and at a reasonable price, for the convenience of our clients. Here are a few examples of the types of explainer videos we create.

Motion Graphics Explainer Video 

Our brilliant team of artists works in a vertically integrated manner and demonstrates a very efficient collaborative approach. Our seasoned team knows how to communicate any subject in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner. We value quality, thus all of our motion graphic videos are well-explained to the best of our ability.

2D Animation Explainer Video 

With our wonderful 2D Animations, we have the capacity to make an amazing 2D animation explainer video. We truly believe in starting new trends rather than following old ones. As a result, we use our powerful 2D animation skills and produce mighty explainer videos to successfully convey, educate, and advertise your business.

3D Animation Explainer Video 

We create a clear and colorful 3D animation explainer video for you so that you may communicate effectively and leave a lasting impact on your audience. Our group of passionate dreamers believes in turning your visions into reality via the use of powerful 3D animation Explainer videos. In addition, for better results, we promote the use of abstract 3D objects and icons rather than cartoons.

White Board Animated Explainer Video 

White Board Animations are the most effective approach to teach or explain any idea connected to academics, training, promotions, or anything else. You will receive the genuine whiteboard animated explainer video from us, which is the right blend of simplicity, creativity, and knowledge.

Mobile App Explainer Video 

We develop concise but entertaining mobile app explainer movies that provide detailed information about the app, including all of its essential features, perks, functions, mode of operation, benefits, interface, and more. Users will eventually be motivated to download those apps as a result of this.

3D Product Explainer Video 

A 3D product explainer video is an excellent tool for capturing a customer’s attention. It works wonders since it simplifies the presentation of complex information. At 3DTRIX, we give your product the wow factor and provide the audience the right aha moment to create an emotional bond. We make every effort to clearly convey the perspective to the audience through an exploded view of your goods or a 360° fly-around (virtual tour) video.

Web Application Explainer Video 

We have created a wide range of Web Application Explainer videos, which is highly effective and engaging. Each of our videos goes with your audience’s emotions while keeping our elements intact. Be it a travel portal or game, we create tailor-made videos.

Software Explainer Video 

Find out everything you need to know about any software, including its features, modes of operation, functions, benefits, and more. We actually make software explainer videos that make it simple to break down complex knowledge into manageable parts.

Live-Action Explainer Video 

Explainer videos with live actors will never be as satisfying as the ones we make. We generate videos of actual human characters with a live camera, whether it’s for a new product launch or a demo.

We choose the perfect personality with the appropriate tone and emotions because various items have different audiences. We make sure that our live Action Explainer videos improve your company’s stability and reputation while also increasing sales and conversions.

Service Explainer Video 

We produce clear service explainer videos that describe your services in detail. The purpose, benefits, features, and other facets of your business are all highlighted in our service explainer videos. Join forces with us to have access to the best service videos ever created.