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Corporate Video Production Company

3D Trix is a reputed video production agency and has gained high proficiency in the VFX industry with decades of experience. We believe in producing creative and productive corporate video and build your robust existence. 3D Trix work hard to provide the most efficient corporate videos.


We spend quality time for research, study and analysis of your product. After going through the products or services precisely, we pick out the meritorious benefits of the products and services and explain them in an effective manner. We know that we are a Creative Video Production Company.


Thus, it is our prime duty to create audio-visual contents or videos in a way that will engage the customers’ interest and bring the best output. Moreover, we always strive to produce the finest corporate videos to match your expectations.


Our primary goal is to improve lead performance and increment revenues and conversions of the clients. In this context, we craft the videos in a creative and illustrative manner that satisfies the clients’ perspectives perfect to the fullest. Thus, we put emphasis on the relevant niche to target the right audience.


Our expert professional team keenly focus to produce corporate videos that have a blend of creativity and information. Certainly, this creates a strong emotional connect and develops trust as well as goodwill among the end-users and appeal them to introduce in their life. In short, we are the bona-fide Corporate Video Makers in Bangalore and we believe in creating brands.


Our expert team remains updated with every latest trends and put efforts to create new trends too because of their “out of the box” thinking-ability. Additionally, we employ advanced tools, techniques, methods and software to bring the best outcomes.

Our corporate video production company process

3D Trix believes in perfection. And thus, we work in a sequence that starts from a brief discussion about your business. Thereafter, we work on script, story boarding, visualization, designing, animations, editing, VFX, color grading, voice over, sound effects, synchronization and so on.


Script writing : We take the complete inputs from client and understand their service or product the best. After which we write the script that attracts audience and make them engaged to the complete video.The script will talk about the products or services in detail, about company history, board of directors, locations, clients, processes etc according to the brief.


Story boarding: We do the drawings for each shot according to the script. Then we decide the camera angle and other details through story board.  This will be easier for the client to understand the video in the pre-production itself. We incorporate all changes proposed by the client and rework on the same.


Shoot at location : On the specified day of the shoot we are ready with camera and crew members. We use the latest cameras, tools and equipment to shoot at the actual location.Some of the equipment are Manfrotto MVH 500 AH Flat Base Pro Fluid Head tripod, Hoya 77 mm Variable Density Screw-in Filter, Rode Video Mic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit, Lexar Professional Compact Flash Card 256 GB or  512 GB, Neewer 31.5 inches/80 centimeters Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail, Neewer F100 7-inch 4k 1280×800 IPS Screen Camera Field Monitor, Neewer Follow Focus with Gear Ring Belt, Canon 5D mark IV camera and professional lights with reflectors.We shoot the video in multiple locations and cover all the branches of the company.


Video editing: We edit the video in attractive way and convey the story in short and sweet video form to keep the audience engaged throughout the video.


Voice over: We share the professional voice over samples to the client to choose from. Voice overs like US, UK,  Indian etc.. English Accents other languages like German, French, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada etc.


Visual effects and motion graphics with brand guidelines: We create visual effects for the video to make it look more professional and entertaining and create motion graphics according to brand guidelines like logo animation,lower third,transitions and graphic elements.

Services Provided by Corporate video production company

Corporate Video shoot

Enhance your capacity and leads through our perfectly crafted corporate video shoots. Through our quality services and advanced skills, we create simple, but smart video shoots that showcase your business apparently to the viewers.

Interview videos of the Board of Directors

We know that interview videos connect the clients directly with its potential customers. To make it highly successful and positively approaching, we design and script the interviews in a dignified manner and help our clients to build their robust credibility and stability.

Employees Working Videos

Employees Working Videos tells about your working ability, magnitude and function ability of your business. We design these videos in a mighty way, so that it can develop the trust and develops an effective instinct in the mind of the end-consumers. This enhances the goodwill and sustainability of your business.

Drone Shots of Company

Drone Shots of the Company gives you the opportunity to present your business prospective apparently. Undoubtedly, we perform smartly in producing vibrant and lovely Drone Shots to add flavor to your business. This gives an interesting appearance to your customers.

Shooting in Multi-Location covering all the branches

We do not hesitate to shoot in multi-locations. Apparently, this covers all the branches and their performance as well as infrastructure and other specific aspects. In fact, our passionate team emphasize on it to give the most profitable services.

About our Video production company 

We endeavor our best to design something exceptional with the fine touch of simplicity and authenticity to engage the target consumers. Our corporate video production Agency are one among the leading production entity and thrive to present thought-provoking corporate videos to fulfill the objectives more than the expectations.


Our videos are worthy enough to uplift the magnitude of your business, whether it is a start-up, micro or macro level business in the commercial or corporate sector. We ensure you to render the best-class professional corporate video shoot and drive the better quantity of customers.


We produce 2 minutes to 5 minutes corporate films and the price ranges from Rs.80,000 to Rs. 10,00,000/-. Our normal time for video production is 6 days to 10 days. We are a team of specialists from the film industry, production houses working behind the camera and an industry director.


We are, undoubtedly, a well-versed player in the fraternity and our corporate video makers are highly potential to bestow the contents with utmost perfection. We are enthusiastic, passionate and work-addictive that gives us a robust and unique identity.