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3DTRIX is a top-drawer 3D Animation Company in Bangalore. We always focus on innovation and build something beyond the limitations. Our creative ideas, productive software and high-calibre experts allow us to bring better outcomes in business, architecture, engineering, technology, advertising and a lot more predominant sectors through animated videos.


Our 3D animation companies in Bangalore and across the country operate in a very efficient method. Rather than following trends, we believe in establishing trends that offer perfection. We create your brand identity with our unrivalled animation solutions and immaculate artistry. Through our adept staff of animators and artists, we ensure that you get world-class animation solutions.


We are experienced in creating premium, high-definition graphics with realistic textures to bring animated images to life. Our goal is to create a strong, unique, and distinct brand in the animation business through customer-centric animations.


Our company’s strongest feature is that it is very commercial, potential, and competitive. We’re committed to boosting our clients’ online visibility and maximising their return on investment. The stability, trustworthiness, sustainability, and durability of our 3D animation company in Bangalore are based on our original concepts, cutting-edge technology, technical competence, and in-depth knowledge.


Customer satisfaction is our top goal, and we consistently look “outside the box” to deliver the best solutions in the shortest period possible while staying within budget.

Services Provided By 3DTRIX – 3D Animation Studio

We excel at 3D animation, promotional videos, comics, classic drawings, illustrations, logo & web design, 2D classic and vector art, cell animation, concept art, TV animation series, character animation, cartoon creation, 3D modelling, animation, walkthrough, visualisation and compositing, 360° virtual tour, 3D ads and TV series, full-length movies, and many other fields. Here are a handful of the most popular types of 3D animation videos that we create.

3D Cartoon Film Animation

Our specialised team of skilled animators and scriptwriters will assist you with cartoon creation, editing, and scripting. In short, it is our ambition to frame our imaginations into life in an artistic way.

3D Character Animation

Characters are important in any visual work. We recognise this and, as a result, the animation characters are vibrantly sculpted. We do this by researching, working on, and discussing all aspects of the characters.

3D Animation for Film Titles

Film titles that we make are presented in a uniform pattern and appearance. We spend time selecting translucent colours for the film titles as well as complimentary backgrounds. As a result, the end-users are presented with a systematic animated series of film titles.

3D Animation for Commercials

We’ve always prioritised providing transparent commercial content so that the entire message can be conveyed to the audience. Our well-balanced combination of creativity and technology produces attractive and compelling results, such as excellent profits.