Visual Effects

VFX Studios in Bangalore

3DTRIX is one of the most well-known VFX studios in Bangalore, India. For all the modern media demands, our talented VFX artists create high-quality and distinctive 2D and 3D VFX animations.


Visual effects is a technology that uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) to transform an imaginary scene into a real one that would be impossible to capture in real life


All of our VFX artists carry years of experience in all aspects of VFX, including the addition of special effects utilising simple animation and compositing tools.


Here are the different aspects of VFX which we work on:


Matte painting and stills: We make digital or traditional paintings or photographs as backgrounds for the 3D characters, particle effects, or digital sets which we use.


Compositing: To create the illusion of a single scene, we combined visual components from a variety of sources.


Motion capture: To record the actions of items or people, we deploy several scanners strategically placed throughout the room.


Modelling: We create 3D models of props or characters using cutting-edge technologies.


Because our experts work in so many fields, we are one of the few visual effects studios in India that provides a comprehensive VFX solution. We put a lot of effort into creating high-quality, seamless pipelines for feature projects. We use cutting-edge technology with a variety of creative alternatives to deliver extremely effective VFX that emotionally engages with people and introduces them to the universal art of storytelling.


Our commitment is to broaden your horizons by providing a vibrant experience to viewers at home, in theatres, or anywhere else on the earth.


We cleverly transfer the concept of art and visualisation into our VFX production to generate the most captivating VFX scenes.

3DTRIX – VFX Studio Services  

Our great team of specialists works effectively to deliver highly creative VFX services across television, animation, cinema, advertising, gaming, and more, using the latest and most productive tools and techniques.


We integrated live-action footage and generated imagery in the most realistic manner to bring lively environments, inanimate objects, animals, creatures, magical scenes, supernatural feats, divinity, etc. into the virtual world.


Thus, we waiver the hassles caused by creating the same set-up in reality which could be dangerous, highly difficult (almost next to impossible), expensive, impractical and time-consuming.


Here are the VFX services which we offer :


Our artists introduce even the miniature creatures and scenes to real-life footage and combine and arrange, mix, smudge, stitch and adjust the different layers and elements together in the desired way to create fine VFX with us. Our bonafide techniques uplift us as one of the top VFX studios in Bangalore.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

We have the most up-to-date software, which makes simulations more impulsive than expected. Through our CGI services, you will get a better VFX 3D Display, Wire-frame model, texture mapping, motion capture, crowd, simulation, global illumination, and so on.


We have a lot of experience with Rotoscoping and can guarantee that we will provide excellent services when it comes to generating live backgrounds. Our cutting-edge technologies, cutting-edge features, vibrant elements, and great tools have helped us establish ourselves as one of the top visual effects studios in India.

Wire Removal

Without the usage of wire removal services, action movie fight scenes and stunts cannot be seen in the virtual or visual world. We create flawless superhero scenes with our clever wire removal solution, which places us among India’s most customer-focused VFX service provider.

Chroma Keying.

Chroma Keying is quite critical, and we hold the perfect expertise in bringing the balanced and fully coordinated VFX. We keep a sharp focus on removing the purple backdrop and apply top-notch algorithms to render the most accurate VFX services.

Set Extensions

Producing a vast visual set from a little model or creating an unexpectedly gorgeous set inside a technology set (essentially a computer) without a lot of money and effort is truly unpredictable and amazing. And we’re professionals at putting that magic into words.

Our Expertise 

Films or any visual content becomes pretty interesting and charming when we incorporate different effects like Mud Effects, Water Simulations, Fire Effects, Cloth Simulations, Hair Simulations etc. in it. And we hold decades of experience and excellence in this context.


We possess well-versed knowledge in the perfect illusion or realistic illusive atmosphere through our quality VFX by associating the right elements in the perfect manner and timing through Future Film Compositing like Set Extension, Background change, Chroma Keying, CGI in Live Actions, Sky Replacements etc.


Fight sequences are fascinating, numerous flying stunts are now performed in almost every movie and we have a lot of experience removing the wire used in violent battle sequences in an accurate and realistic manner.


Our Rotoscoping methods are really vivid. It brings the background to life by including live-action characters, 3D characters, and other elements. It saves money, time, and effort by eliminating the need to constantly prepare various setups.